A tractor was donated at the end of 2018 by John Harris, which was promptly taken to Bicton, where under the guidance of Chris Mitchell the students have set up a Tractor Club to restore this tractor. The work will be done outside teaching hours for a few hours each week.  See the photos of work so far.

Part 4:

All the parts of the tractor were transported to Westpoint ready for the Devon County Show on 16th May.  At this point Vapormatic had supplied all the necessary parts, up to their budget, and the remainder was paid for through the sale of scrap/parts to Ron Greet, thus allowing the students to carry out the rebuild during the Show.  At one point under the inquisitive eye of the Ofsted inspector, whilst Chris Mitchell watched from a distance.

The rebuild underway at DCS when it was assembled with all four wheels in situ, new tyres are expected from Firestone.

The next stage is for the whole lot to be shot blasted painted and tuned.  Thank you again to everyone who has played their part in getting this tractor donated by John Harris back up and running.

Tractor Rebuild by Bicton Students – Part 4