The Course in Institutional Management and Business Planning (International)

In conjunction with Plymouth University and Bicton College, BOAT offers a five-week intensive course on the above. BOAT has run this course for number years now and it has been accredited for a number of years as a Level 5, 30 credit Short Course. Full details of the course are available in the Course Leaflet on this web site. Over 50 students have now completed this course from eight different countries. The 2019 course dates are April to May, applications forms will be called for later in 2018.

Please click here to view the Course Information Leaflet.

The following statement gives guidance on the Application Procedure:

The BOAT/Bicton College accredited Short Course on Institutional Management and Business Planning (International) is a very intensive 5 week UK residential course designed to enhance the management skills of young professionals involved at a senior level with running Agricultural/Rural Development Training Institutes typically offering up to Certificate and Diploma level training (for whom this is a particularly relevant course) or Rural Development Projects, and is pitched at degree level.   We normally hold it in the period mid-April to Mid-June. Most of our candidates have a BSc level or equivalent qualification and come from Africa. They should be computer literate (Word and Excel) as well as fluent in English.

We require the CV template below to be completed.  In addition, we request a Personal Statement including a full description of the applicant’s present job and responsibilities, and how they think the training will be of benefit to them.

Regarding finances, BOAT usually covers the costs of course delivery and living expenses together with travel within the UK. We would expect the applicant or sponsor to pay for the cost of travel from the home country to London Heathrow and return, together with the Course Registration and Certification fees which currently stand at £125 per person.


Application procedure

Applicants should provide the following information in their CV, which should be emailed as  a Word  document(s). Scanned documents should not be sent unless requested.



Full name (as appears on Passport with main name in BLOCK LETTERS)


Date of Birth

Place of birth as appears on Passport

Marital status as appears on Passport

Mother language

Other language

Passport number

Passport date of issue

Passport place of issue

Email address

Full WORK postal address including Box number

Telephone landline

Telephone mobile

Full HOME postal address including Box number

Telephone landline

Telephone mobile

Other relevant contact details

Computer skills (confirm Word and Excel capability and usage)

Religion (if relevant)

Health status.  Any health problems relevant to UK College residence must be disclosed.

Other relevant details for UK College residence (e.g. vegetarian or other dietary needs)



Qualifications starting with the most recent.  Dates, Place of study, Qualification awarded (+ grade if available) and Research/thesis topics.  Specify if you have visited the UK for study.



Appointments starting with present post.



Name of Organisation and Location

Brief description of organisation (what it does, size, budget, staff and beneficiary numbers)

Your post title, job description and main responsibilities.



Interests, hobbies.  Special study/visit requests.



A separate Personal Statement (less than half a page) explaining how you think the BOAT course would be of benefit to you is also required.


Applications should be sent to the Chairman (see Contact Us section of this website) by the end of September.