A tractor was donated at the end of 2018 by John Harris, which was promptly taken to Bicton, where under the guidance of Chris Mitchell the students have set up a Tractor Club to restore this tractor. The work will be done outside teaching hours for a few hours each week.  See the photos of work so far.


Part 3:
The students having stripped the tractor down into all its parts, have moved onto the the engine and other components as the rebuild continues! Read on below for the full update.


    The students stand behind the tractor with all the parts laid out across the floor. The bolts haven’t moved in many years, so the students gas cut the bolts off. The tractor engine has been stripped down into all of it parts, we found Piston ring broken, pistons damaged, crankshaft damage etc. The engine requires a full rebuild.
The students stripped the tractor down into all it parts, all have been inspected and a list of new parts are on order. This photo shows years of dirt blocking the hydraulic oils system. This photo show the engine exhaust valves and inlet valves covered in carbon and very worn out.
Tractor Rebuild by Bicton Students – Part 3